who are we


we are cab service provider

we are curently operating in 3 city all cross idia

Customer Satisfaction 100%

all our customers are happy

Reaction Time 97%

we have available cars almost 100% of the time

City Coverage 45%

we're expanding everyday, but we still need time :)

city coverage

currently we are operating in 3 cities

we are working in India and we are operational in 3 major cities around the country.our sole purpose is to please our customers by giving them a lifetime experience with our cab services. everything with us is top notch, from the cars to the service itself. no matter if you’re a customer or an employee we’ll be there for you and your needs.

inter sector schools

we provide our service all across the cites but you may agree that parents don’t want their kids to travel more to get education, school near to home is much batter

other sector school

better the education, more secure is their future are. That is why some parents want their kids to go to the best school in city. we are here to help them

after school

we help your child to get the extra knowledge of the thinks by providing after school activity.

we are skoolcab

travel safer, faster
and comfortable!


we receive calls in large volume, Help us by dropping sms

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us a line here

to the core!


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